something new

My musical alterego Owl The Lander just published the very first song on our bandcamp site

are you blinded

/Owl and Anna

/¤v¤\ &  /^v^\

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through the looking-glass

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encounters with unknown creatures

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jul i juli

So this is Christmas? Yes, it is actually.

The hazy world outside, the day before Christmas arrived.

It was like the first day of spring this Christmas eve.

Hello Christmas cottage!

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roadtrip III


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roadtrip II

A reminder of winter and a different kind of light

and a poem

We were on our way
and the road was grizzled by snow
a backward feeling-
away from spring and thaw

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roadtrip to Vindeln I

moving the sum of moments
condensed into one particular place
the space between now and then
the motion of memories

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